Medium Grey / VRed - SOLD OUT

Color: Medium Grey/VRed

Product Code: BOM016

Material: Reflective


Each pair of LOOK/SEE REFLECTIVE sunglasses features a patented coating developed by HALO COATINGS, which is bonded to the outside surface of the frame front to ensure durability and the most reflective power.

The coating appears to be a matte grey under normal light conditions; however, when a light source (such as the flash of a camera phone) is pointed directly at the frame front, the light reflects off of the sunglasses. Depending on the type of camera being used, this effect can often appear as a HALO around the frames.

The insight to make reflective sunglasses comes 100% from sneaker culture and the limited edition basketball shoes LOOK/SEE founder, Kyle Yamaguchi, would make during his time as a Nike Basketball Promo Product Line Manager.  

“There was one season in particular that I think I put reflective on every PE (player edition) possible! Adding a reflective synthetic leather or skin on sneakers was always one of my favorite ways to bring additional energy to the product mix.  At first, when I joined Nike, I was on a mission to put patent leather on everything. Soon after, I got really into using reflective as often and tastefully as possible,” says Yamaguchi.  

The LOOK/SEE REFLECTIVE collection and partnership with HALO COATINGS is something we are incredibly excited about and will continue to incorporate into future seasonal collections. 

The best way to maximize the reflective effect is to take a photo with your camera phone in lower light conditions with the flash pointed directly at the sunglasses.  Check out this video and you'll see what we mean =)